Twenty years ago I started experimenting with different aspects of
electronic sound-generation. Out of those experiments the project
"Sheba Wore No Nylons" emerged, together with fellow-minded navigators
through the worlds of sound. In 1988 our common travels ended.
When I started The M.M.V.P. in 1991, I wanted to continue those travels
-  telling stories about the everyday madness surrounding us. I'm
trying to capture the soundtrack to the movies in my head - where words
fail and pictures and sound form a new syntax.
Driven by the same motivation - translating into sound what I see and
feel - impressions, a moment of time frozen into sound - collected from
encounters with people, snippets from radio, TV and the news as well as
other interactions with the world around me.
         1986 1988: Sheba Wore No Nylons
         1991: Starting The M.M.V.P.
         1991: Join DL (Dachau Lustknaben)
         1998: Join the avant-garde Jazz-Band  Fromms.
         2000: Fromms changed to the art group F+plus
Several re-mixes and co-operation with:
Hybryds, 69N+F, The Trial, Attrition, The Heisenberg Experiment, Hidden Technology.
Contact: con-area"at"gmx.net